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DomainSold for 2605000 USD
fly.com1600000 USD
russia.com1500000 USD
mm.com1200000 USD
call.com1100000 USD 1015000 USD 810001 EUR 800000 USD
server.com770000 USD
files.com750000 USD
jerusalem.com510000 USD 500000 EUR
talk.com500000 USD
brazil.com500000 USD
gamesforgirls.com500000 USD
give.com500000 USD
tell.com400000 $US
resumes.com400000 USD
forums.com399990 USD 395000 USD
jets.com375000 USD
broker.com375000 USD
lowfare.com365000 USD
cgm.com365000 USD
banners.com360000 USD
datacenter.com352500 USD
true.com350000 USD
malls.com320000 USD 305000 EUR
sc.com300000 USD
pilot.com300000 USD
dji.com300000 USD
heika.com300000 USD
grid.com275000 USD 252500 USD
moms.com252000 USD
payment.com250000 USD
musicvideos.com250000 USD
showtimes.com250000 USD
flashcards.com250000 USD
taxes.com250000 USD
lawfirm.com233501 USD 225000 USD
mikihouse.com224224 USD
od.com220000 USD
kredit.com220000 USD
consolidation.com220000 USD
billionaire.com215000 USD 207500 USD
gab.com200002 USD
ov.com200000 $US
nasty.com200000 USD
monalisa.com200000 USD
angels.com200000 USD
republic.com200000 USD
pax.com200000 USD
ada.com200000 USD
shield.com190000 USD
248.com175000 $US
metal.com165000 USD
bra.com165000 USD
apuestas.com165000 USD
powerpoker.com160000 USD USD
intranet.com160000 USD 157500 USD
hotbot.com155000 USD 153500 USD 152501 USD
sumo.com150000 $US
payments.com150000 USD
leisure.com150000 USD
redwine.com150000 USD
cursos.com150000 USD
moneta.com150000 USD
cornerstonehomes.com150000 USD
response.com150000 USD
circa.com150000 USD
user.com150000 USD 145000 EUR
sandwich.com137500 USD
solo.com133000 USD 130000 USD
made.com130000 USD
anker.com130000 USD 125000 USD 125000 USD
yb.com125000 USD
mouse.com125000 USD
rss.com125000 USD
migraine.com125000 USD
channel.com125000 USD
partners.com125000 USD
kf.com123504 USD
1515.com121000 USD
sudan.com120000 USD
dolcevita.com120000 USD
idol.com120000 USD
onlinedegree.com120000 USD
connectnow.com120000 USD

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