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DomainSold for
a.cm7300 USD 500 USD
ac.asia1000 USD
accounting.co1610 USD
accountpriv0 USD
ace.it500 USD USD
actavis.it1950 USD
action.lu6000 USD
ad.tc2750 USD
adcash.ru1000 USD
add.me8600 USD
addons.it1800 USD 30 EUR
adityasingh.me5000 USD
adk.co1563 USD 150 GBP
ads.to9999 USD
adtv.cn1100 USD 160 USD
adultpaket 99 USD
adventure.me3675 USD 150 USD
aerobilet.cn1333 USD
aff.co7000 USD
affinita.it12000 USD
affinita.pt2500 USD USD
aicai.co1800 USD
air.me10099 USD
air.travel1500 USD USD
airlines.me1301 USD
airtickets.asia3000 USD
airtickets.it5000 USD
airtickets.pl4500 USD
alameda.cl4500 USD USD
alcolismo.it3000 USD
all-tickets.it3000 USD
alpharooms.co1000 USD
alpicaccia.it600 USD
alps.co2000 USD
alternate.pl1040 USD
am.la1250 EUR
america.co5000 USD
america.me999 USD USD 330 EUR 300 EUR
amor.lu1250 USD
amp.co9750 USD
ancestry.pl6000 USD
anfiteatroromano.it1800 USD
anim.al2500 USD
animacion.me2000 USD
antiaging.co1000 USD 100 GBP
anuncios.pro1500 USD
anwalthomepages.de5000 EUR
apartments.me1550 USD 500 USD
apo.co2500 USD
apollo.vc4789 USD
app.life1310 USD 180 USD
apprais.al2000 USD
appraise.it4051 USD
apuesta.mx4999 USD 110 EUR
arborea.it1250 USD 100 USD
archive.co2500 EUR
archive.me12000 USD
archives.co2500 EUR
arrow.co3150 USD 190 EUR
artnet.it1500 USD
aru.ba2000 USD
asia.me2401 USD 250 USD
astom.cn500 USD
astrology.co2000 USD 1150 USD USD
attorney.me2050 USD
attorneys.me2750 USD 300 USD
auctions.co15000 USD
audemars-piguet.ru4000 USD 160 USD 500 EUR USD
autho.rs3000 USD 600 USD 60 EUR 750 EUR
autohaus.me4400 EUR
automobile.cz5560 USD
automotive.co10000 USD 1234 EUR
autoweek.ca1000 USD
available.me5000 USD
avancarica.it650 USD
avantipopolo.it1152 USD
avo.co2200 USD
away.no1999 USD
ax.club1557 USD
axe.co1750 USD USD
azemar.it600 USD
aziendaonline.it1000 USD USD

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** Note that some domains are listed multiple times, which typically means that they have been sold/bought several times.

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